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One of the best things I have ever done for my health was to call Carol Banquer. Not only has she helped me recover from debilitating back pain, she has instilled in me a sense of confidence and optimism that has greatly brightened my outlook on life. Carol has a deep understanding of pain in its variety of manifestations, and she addresses it with irresistible energy and compassion. I look forward to every session with her, and leave feeling healthier and more energized than at any other time of the week.

The program she has developed for me has, within a few months, already transformed the way I use and feel about my body. I'm in better shape now than I have been for decades. With Carol, healthiness is infectious and Pilates is pure joy.

40-year old writer and editor

I was having lower back pain, probably as a result of caring for my one-year old. I learned from Carol, in one intensive session, a daily exercise program that increased my back's strength and flexibility. Carol was able to find my weaknesses and make sure I was helping—not hurting—myself during the program. I liked the way Carol explained the exercises in a technical way with medical detail, describing the muscles and their interaction with the bones. She used excellent visuals and verbal pictures to help me understand the subtleties of the movements. Now my lower back feels great and I can pick up my son. I do two 15–20 minute routines each day, as I can fit that into my schedule.

Sean, 29

When I came to Carol four years ago, I was "crawling" with back pain and had a band of tightness across my low back. With Carol's guidance, the tightness went away almost immediately. Pilates is absolutely the right exercise for me. I have more body awareness and through the day am mindful of my posture and movement. I keep coming to Carol; her intelligent coaching has enabled me to become supple and resilient and to maintain an even level of energy and activity. I enjoy the warmth, tranquil studio, and responsiveness to my immediate problems as they arise.

Barbara, 60

I've been coming to see Carol for almost six years. I initially came because of chronic hip and left arm weakness. After my immediate problems were corrected, I continued to work with Carol. Now I'm strong, flexible, and significantly more active than when I started to see her. I hike almost daily for an hour and take longer hikes each week. I've made other changes as well. Working with a nutritionist, I've lost weight. I enjoy seeing Carol weekly. She is compassionate and understanding. Over time I have benefited from her medical knowledge and perspective.

Martha, 63